Include react-geo dependency

react-geo is published at and can be integrated and installed in your my-app application via basic npm commands.

Add react-geo dependency

To add the dependency react-geo please navigate to your project's folder (if not already done) and execute:

npm i @terrestris/react-geo

This will add the latest version of react-geo to your local package.json file (into the dependencies section) and download the distributed version of the library to the node_modules directory.

Add Ant Design und OpenLayers dependencies

You may have noticed that the step from above has produced some warnings, which include react-geo:

npm WARN @terrestris/react-geo@15.0.2 requires a peer of antd@~3.0 but none is installed. You must install peer dependencies yourself.
npm WARN @terrestris/react-geo@15.0.2 requires a peer of ol@~5.0 but none is installed. You must install peer dependencies yourself.

npm has three different types of dependencies:


dependencies are used to directly specify packages needed to run your application's code (e.g. a front-end library like Bootstrap)


devDependencies are reserved to specify packages needed to build your application's code (e.g. test harnesses like Jest or transpilers like Babel).


However, under some conditions, one wants to express the compatibility of a certain package with the host package and npm calls this dependency a peerDependencies. Ususally this is used to express the dependency of a plugin inside this host package or similiar. In react-geo we need to have antd, ol and react defined as peer dependencies due to scope issues, because all of them were usually referenced by the host package/the application itself in a certain version.

As npm handles dependencies hierachically, including those packages in react-geo twice would lead to two different dependencies available in your application at runtime. To share the dependencies between your host application and react-geo, we advice react-geo to use the dependencies given by the host package.

To meet these requirements we have to install the requested peer dependencies by ourselves with:

npm i antd ol

Now we're ready to make use of all react-geo components and utilities inside our my-app application.