Workshop react-geo - mapping with React

Welcome to the workshop react-geo - mapping with React. This workshop is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of react-geo as a library of geo-related application components available in combination with React, Ant Design and OpenLayers.

info If you want to visit this page on your own device or to print the PDF version, you can download the workshop materials here.


The following instructions and exercises assume that you have some requirements fulfilled on your local machine. Please check if you have the consequent packages installed:

  • A suitable text editor, e.g. the lightweight Atom editor.
  • NodeJS in version 14 or higher.

All set? Then, lets' go!


This workshop is presented as a set of modules. In each module you will perform tasks designed to achieve a specific goal for that module. Each module builds upon lessons learned in previous modules and is designed to iteratively build up your knowledge base.

  • Basics - Dive into the basics of EcmaScript 6, React and npm.
  • First steps - Learn how to create your own React app and how to include react-geo in it.
  • react-geo components - Extend your application with some react-geo components.
  • Hooks - Have a look at more advanced components.


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