First steps

As a matter of course we could start this workshop by creating a React based webapplication by hand, but as you could imagine this would be a tough job for starters. So we want to dive into react-geo directly without the need to stick together all development tools to get a webapp running. Thankfully there is a project available, that we can use to generate an application for us (even without any configuration!): create-react-app.

Creating a new application is easy. Just navigate to a folder of your choice and create a new app named my-app inside this directory with:

npx create-react-app my-app

This will take a while, but finally you will see a list of commands you can run inside the created folder. Now switch to the project's folder with:

cd my-app

Finally we can start the development server with:

npm start

To view the application in your browser please open http://localhost:3000/.

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